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Speedfactor Ltd has a comprehensive range of BMW aftermarket performance car parts in stock for BMW range of vehicles. Specializing in E30 E36 E46 E92.  This includes, Apex Wheels, Ruff Automobile Technik suspension products, chassis reinforcements and a huge range of BMW motorsport products. Check out below to see some of our offerings.

Ruff Technik

Suspension and sub fram bushes
Ruff Automobile Technik

Ruff suspension & sub-frame bushes, Limited sip differentials, engine & transmission mounts, camber plates and shock mounts...

Apex Wheels

Apex Wheels
Apex Wheels

Apex Wheels are on runout as we will not be continuing with this brand. We have limited numbers left and all on sale  We hold a variety of fitments in 17 x 9.5" & 18 x 9.5" options.  Click the logo for more information.

BMW Motorsport Wheels

BMW Performance Car Parts & Services

BMW, being a popular choice for race classes in New Zealand, is also the largest single make race series. They are well represented with a diversity of chassis and modifications spread over various race classes.


Some of the specialized products and services we offer for BMW’s have filtered across the open class racers. Chassis preparation including seem welding, reinforcing, substantial roll cage design and manufacture and complete race car preparation services are carried out in our premises.


Our XYZ Race Specific coilover systems and Big brake kits have established themselves well with great support from BMW competitors.  We have developed very competitive packages and are pleased to be able to provide competitive suspension and brake systems. 


The growing demands of faster race cars has created demand for more durable engines that make more HP and torque. Speedfactor Ltd has worked closely for some years with piston and rod manufactures, valve train and camshaft producers to offer a comprehensive range of 6 cylinder engine components and race engine building services for most of the BMW engines currently competing in NZ.

Whether it be parts and components, or engine building services for performance road and race engines, we can offer a wealth of knowledge and help you competitively.

We now carry a comprehensive range of engine components for the BMW 4 and 6 cylinders

M10 M20 M30 M50 M52 M54 S14 S38 S50 S54

Key components for reliability in Motorsport are of the utmost importance.

We carry a range of chassis components for the commonly modified and raced E30, E36 and E46 chassis BMW's.   We have a range of products from Ruff Automobile Technik for performance and race vehicles.

Engine mounts, transmission mounts, suspension bushes, camber plates, top suspension mounts plus much more.

E36 rear subframe and trailing arm reinforcement plate kits

Torsen 60% lock LSD's for E30 E36 E46 E82 and E92

Motorsport KAAZ 1.5way LSD

Final drive options to suit as well.

In stock 3.91 and 4.1 final drive E46 M3 E90 E92 M3



In the coming months we will have increased our range of suspension and race suspension components. We already carry bushes, camber plates and arms, roll centre adjusters and coming soon adjustable swaybars designed specifically for racing.

Coming soon BMW E92 M3 drilled and slotted brake rotors from ATE in Germany


If you have any road or race parts or service requirement, please contact us and we will be glad to assist you to get the setup you require.

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