APEX BWM Motorsport Wheels

Apex Motorsport Wheels
Apex Motorsport Wheels

We are moving out of this product line for an up and coming change in wheels. We have selective models left and great prices. The quality APEX ARC-8 and some EC7 race series of wheels.  Available in mainly 18 inch options.

The ARC-8 is produced using a flow forming technique, which produces a barrel with similar strength to a fully forged wheel. This method greatly reduces the mass weight of the wheel

Designed specifically for BMW 5 stud fitments, with staggered options.

Amazing clearance for large brake kits and very lightweight

Colours are Silver & Anthracite and Black by special order.

Wheel studs and nuts available in black.




17 x 8.5 ET40 - sold out

17 x 9 ET30 and ET42

17 x 9.5 ET30 


18 x 8.5 ET38

18 x 9 ET42

18 x 9.5 ET22 and ET35

18 x 10 ET25

Complement that XYZ brake kit with a stunning light weight wheel and correct offsets.



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