PLM Hytec style Honda Headers

Speedfactor Ltd have been utilising this brand of header for over 15 years.

Well received as an extractor that performs exceptionally well on all Honda applications that PLM produce.

Dyno proven to extract the best all round performance from your engine with increases in torque and top end hp, without sacrificing any lower end drivability.

Stepped tube design for optimum flow and exhaust scavanging. Longer secondaries and different tube diametres for B series engines enables headers to be selected for optimum performnace, whether it be stock or mildly modified, through to the large tube headers suitable for built engines with compression, head modifications and camshafts etc.

We offer expertise in selecting the correct header and offer installation, custom exhaust sytems to complement what we have developed with many years of testing and dyno tuning.


We offer the best pricing possible on these headers via our website.

Contact us for info and great pricing.


Stainless headers (extractors) available for:

Honda B series engines. B16A B16B B18B B18C B18C sleeved and B20B B20C (2.0 ltr B18C)



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