Honda Motorsport

Long time Honda Motorsport supporters, Speedfactor have been associated with all forms of Honda Motorsport since their inception in 2001.  This includes drag racing in 2003 and 2005 with our customers running low 11 second passes N/A, circuit racing and tarmac rally racing since 2000. We are heavily involved with support of Honda motorsport competitors, helping many racers over national race classes in NZ. Honda Cup, SS2000, NZGT, GT2, GT1, NZ endurance series and many more.

With more than 30 years of Honda experience and a comprehensive motorsport inventory, Speedfactor can offer a range of motorsport suspension systems, with our XYZ Racing coilovers and XYZ Racing Brake kits, plus a huge inventory of engine and drive train components


We have the largest selection of Honda B series and K series engine components in NZ. Pistons, connecting rods, valve train and camshafts, Athena race gaskets, Cometic, ARP and engine bearings in various forms from genuine Honda, ACL and King Bearings

Complete engine internal components and all engine externals, Intake manfolds, throttle bodies, fuel injectors, engine management, stainless race extractors and auxcillaries. Plus we can carry out all fabrication for custom race preparation to chassis if required.


B H & K series engines, gearbox components, syncro’s, close ratio gear kits from ATS, KAAZ Motorsport 1.5 way LSD’s and Competition Clutch USA race clutch kits


Our XYZ Racing Spec coilovers are utilized by large customer base spread across various race classes, including Honda Cup SS2000 K Sport GT and many clubsport and tarmac rally competitors .


Our race products have helped many Honda Cup and SS2000 champions make it to the winners circle repetitively. 


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