RUFF Automobile Technik

Limited Slip differentials LSD, will maximize traction and improve the drive to the rear wheels. Getting power to the ground is essential for improving traction which leads to faster lap times!  Our LSD's offer substantially more locking capability than stock BMW LSD's with up to 65% from the proven Torsen Helical design.  

We offer differentials of this design for most of the BMW range small, medium and large case including M3's through to the E92, plus all items required for installation like bearings & seals etc.  We offer in house installation if required, just send us your differential housing. Contact us for more details.

 Ruff Technik utilise a urethane material designed for strength and durability. Considerably firmer than factory rubber applications to eliminate unwanted flex and movement

We carry engine mounts for E36 and later models  and transmission mounts for most of the BMW range

Front engine mounts available for all 6 cylinders including M3

 For popular E30, E36 and E46 chassis BMW, we carry a range of suspension and sub frame bush kits in stock

Trailing arm, sub frame to chassis and lower front control arm bushes are a simple way to improve and adjust geometry and maximise alignment accuracy with performance, race and lowered vehicles.

 Common on rear upper shocks with BMW is the failure of the factory type rubber mount. Ruff offer a reinforced bonded urethane material in an alloy frame mount and a steel zinc plated reinforcement plate as the ultimate fix for the issue.

Available as a standard 10mm shock shaft fitment for ease and installation.

Available in store