Kolbenschmidt & Glyco Engine bearings

Kolbenschmidt & Glyco engine bearings are an oe quality bearing shell and offer an extremely tough and reliable bearing shell for all sorts of stock and performance engines.

Particulally main bearing shells where strength and durability are key for optimum crankshaft rotation

Bi-metai design alluminium for good load carrying and embeddability


We have been supplying these bearings for performance road and race engines and have seen exceptional wear resistance from oe type replacement bearing




-Some key features of the Glyco product

-Original equipment quality - Bi metail aluminium

-Excellent wear resistance

-Low seizure 

-low frictioin


We carry these bearing shells in stock for many popular Audi and BMW engines.

AEB APY nearly all 16v and 20v applications

M10 S14 M42

M20 M30 M50 M52 M54 S38 S50 S54