DKM Performance clutch and flywheels

A sister company to Competition Clutch, DKM was introduced to cater for the European performance market with four clutch models

We are building stock on the type MA and MB which have already proven to be a great product with fantastic drivability

We also have twin plate with full face organic material for high HP and torque spec street applications.plates. These are an ideal turbo charged application and for modified S50 and S54 platform engines.


We have the BMW M50 to S54 options in stock

-Type MA utilizes an M3 spec clutch cover, full face organic drive plate and utilizes a cast steel flywheel to keep the kit as economical as we can.


-Type MB utilizes an up to 80% increase in clamp for increased torque and HP capability, featuring the composition of woven brass and organic material (like our Stage-2 CC plates)


We also have Audi B5 and B6 1.8t and 2.0t A4 and A6 platforms and building stock of the Volkswagen Golf from Mk4 to the Mk7


if you are need a clutch replacement or and upgrade don't hesitate to contact us for DKM clutch and flywheels