Motul Oil products

Speedfactor Ltd are the Bay of Plenty's largest stockist of Motul fluids.  We have a comprehensive range of all automotive engine, gearbox and differential oils, as well as coolant additives, brake fluids, greases and car care.  We offer a wealth of knowledge to help you select the correct product for your vehicle whether it is for road, performance or race applications.


Mineral and engine run in oil available in 10w40 15w40 viscosity.

Semi synthetic oil in the popular 15w50 Power 4100

Full synthetic oil available in 5w40 10w40 5w50 as well as all specific BMW VW Audi requirements

Full synthetic 8100 X-power 10w60 BMW M engine specific ( API SN )


To meet the needs of modern extreme rpm and high power outputs, Motul 300v Ester based synthetic range of Crono and Competition oils are unsurpassed. 

Ester Core Technology.

For decades, Motul has mastered the technology of esters. Combining and optimal selection of high performance synthetic base oils and the Ester core technology, coupled with innovative additives, gives exceptional synergy

Key features of Motul oils latest technology evolution and used exclusively in the 300v range, guarantees to obtain maximum performance

- 0% shear loss

- Reduced thermal friction

- High resistance to temperature

- Stability in oil pressure

- Exclusive formulation of low volatility synthetic base oils


300V Ester Core technology available in

10w40 15w50 20w60


2 litre and 5 litre packaging


Motul has a comprehensive range of high quality gearbox and differential oils for Performance road, race and standard replacement applications.

Extreme high temperatures in racing gearboxes and differentials demand superior quality lubrication. 


We carry in stock gear oils to suit stock gearboxes, LSD factory and aftermarket differentials installed into gearboxes, Aftermarket gear kits, Dog boxes, Sequential gearboxes and all rear wheel drive torsen, plate and other motorsport Limited slip applications.

Semi synthetic oils in 75W90 and 80w90

Full synthetic oils in 75w90 75w140 including the FF type oils for plate LSD's and carbon syncro gearboxes.

Differential oils in 90PA LSD 80w90 75w90 and 75w140


Motul have an impressive line up of brake fluids including the well respected RBF600 and RBF660 race fluids. The most popular brake fluid used in Motorsport

These race fluids are 100% synthetic

The RBF600 has a Dry boiling point of 325 deg C

We have Dot 5.1 in stock also.

Available in 500ml bottles


Contact us for your order today, We are happy to ship nation wide.



Q8 Performance oil products

Speedfactor now stocks a comprehensive range engine and transmission oils from Q8 


After years of engine and gearbox inspections, strip downs and rebuilds, analysis has pointed us to a product range that offers amazing protection, consumption reduction and longevity.


Q8 is now our go to oil for our customers. The product line offers a comprehensive range of oils covering all applications.

In particular the F1 PAO full synthetic oil 10w50 for all high performance applications.

This is a state of the art oil with exceptional start up protection, consistent film strength and consistent oil pressure stability.

Check with us for more details on these well priced extreme performance engine oil that has amazing results.

We carry BMW Honda Mitsubishi and Nissan specific oil 5w40 Excel as well and semi synthetic 10w40, 15w40 mineral oils, gear, transfer and differential oils as well as antifreeze


Also a true manual transmission fluid (for syncro's) in an API GL4 75w80 oil designed specifically to meet the needs in older transmissions requiring a non synthetic or GL5 gear oil.

We have had amazing feedback for this gearbox oil designed to service the needs for 80's 90's and 2000's generation gearboxes.



Nissan and Mitsubishi and Toyota GL4


We now also carry all options for ATF and DSG, synthetic gear oils and long life coolant

Mannol Lubricants

New to the Lubricant line up at Speedfactor is the German manufacturer Mannol


We carry a range of performance lubricants designed to achieve premium protection of standard and built engines.

Motorsport oils normally get a greater rate of change. We wanted to introduce a economical, quality product that carries all the standards of the German aftermarket.

We also have available some manufacturer specific fluids including the latest requirements for DPF Diesels

Some popular oil we now stock

5w40 Extreme 

10w60 Motorpsort

75w90LS gearbox and differential

75w80 GL4 specific MTF-4

75-140 GL5 Motorsport gearbox oil

TRW Europe offers a 5.1 low viscosity high quality brake fluid ideally suited for performance street driving and longevity for ABS systems working above average.

We also have TRW Grand Prix 600 degree F dedicated race fluid. Ideally suited for extreme street, track and nearly all forms of motorsport

We will have these available in 1 ltr cans at competetve pricing. 

(you need 700mm to a litre for complete change)

Arriving in March