Limited Slip Differentials Kaaz Wavetrac Mfactory

Speedfactor have been appointed as a New Zealand distributor of Kaaz Limited Slip Differencials. Kaaz are a leading supplier of Motorsport LSD's for all forms of Motorsport. Circuit, rally, hill climb, drift and endurance or whatever form of motor sport you are doing, These Japanese quality limited slip differentials are simply one of the best drive train upgrades available.

1.5 way is a common terminology used for this type of LSD. Multi plate design with a far greater locking capability simply offers better cornering performance and more traction available at the tyre.


LSD's available for many applications.


This page is under construction. Please contact us for any inquiries. Most LSD's if not in stock are available with in a week. 

All LSD,s are sent to us via Fedex

Wavetrac helical Limited slip Differentials are designed and manufactured in the USA 

Unlike all other Helical LSD's Wavetrac differentials do not experience zero axle load, which is a condition that occurs during normal driving but is far more noticeable with extreme and more aggressive driving.

Zero or near zero axle load is the condition that exists when there is no load applied through the driveline, when one driving wheel is nearly or completely lifted (a product of heavy cornering related partially to suspension setups)

It also occurs when if you lift a wheel, all gear diff's except Wavetrac will not power the other wheel. During the transition of accel to decel all gear diff's except Wavetrac, do nothing!! If you are looking for the ultimate drivability with quite operation from a mechanical diff and you want to maximize the traction from an LSD, then consider Wavetrac as the number one. 

Go to for an engineers perspective and explanation of the design


Mfactory LSD's are a helical design with up to 65% lock available. They are an economical option for those looking for a strong and quiet operational LSD.

We carry the Mfactory LSD's for fast road and light competition duites for BMW E36 E46 E90 E92 E82 E87

E34 E39

Available quickly for may makes and models.

These LSD's are well suited to vehicle fitted with traction control and Electronic stability


Website special price for BMW E36 188 (not M3 EVO) $1690


There are selective models of 1.5 way plate LSD's available also. Check with us for applications.