WISECO Forged Pistons


Wiseco Performance Products exceptional quality and forging process enables them to produce state of the art forgings in typically 2618 T6 alloy for race applications and 4032 T6 alloy for performance street and race engine builds.

The unique squeeze forging process allows grain flow to be optimized, this add's toughness, impact resistance and fatigue strength. These are all key requirements to produce a race engine piston.


Speedfactor has carried a range of Wiseco pistons ever since they opened for business in 2001.

There are many applications covered in whats known as shelf stock (catalogued) for common Japanese and some European engines plus a huge range of V8 performance options.

We are now one of New Zealand's leading suppliers of import engine pistons.


Also working closely with Wiseco, we offer a comprehensive data base of custom applications, purpose built unique pistons that can be made to order for your specific requirement.

most of our custom pistons are produced in 4032 material


We carry a range of replacement piston ring sets to suit the Wiseco range and these are sometimes also compatible with JE and CP pistons.


Check with us for pricing and applications if you are wanting a race bred piston and ring set designed for use in some of the harshest environments.


We carry H beam connecting rods for the majority of piston offerings as well as most engine components to complete a comprehensive rebuild.

With the growing requirement for specific and unique engine developments and with the introduction of Ethanol fuel etc, there has been a need to produce many custom pistons to fill the market sector


We generally make all the custom applications in 4032 for performance and race applications and utilise specific and upgraded ring and pin components to maximize the longevity for these hard working engines


Some of the custom applications we cover and stock:

-Audi VW customs for many VAG engines 

-BMW M20 N/A and boosted applications

-BMW M50 M52 2.8 high comp N/A and boosted applications

-BMW M54 B30 11.8:1 compression 

-BMW S50 boosted

-Honda H/D boosted for sleeved engines 8.8:1 with H/D pins

-Mitsubishi 4G63 2.2 and 2.3 stroker with 1.5mm top ring and H/D pins

-Mitsubishi 4B11 H/D 2.0 and 2.2 stroker

-Nissan RB25 NEO

-Nissan RB30 9.0:1 H/D with upgraded 1.5mm top ring and H/D pins

-Toyota 20v 4AGE 18RG


Check with us for custom piston requirements

We have a massive database and can generally have a solution for your request