Performance Cam Shafts

"It's all about the flow" so they say!. The valve timing events in an engine are well known to be one of the key ingredients in developing the best power and torque from an engine. Choosing the correct Performance camshafts for optimising the breathing of a performance or race engine are probably much more technical than many enthusiasts really care for.

Choosing the correct camshaft for an engine can have a significant input into low end drivability and power.

For example a 272 cam which is a common request! There are dozens of variations of a 272 degree profile for any given engine. It can have different lobe centers, different peak lift specifications and so on, but still be called a 272. More importantly is what goes on with the profile from 1mm of lift and upwards.

Different cam manufacturers have different ways of achieving similar results. We have used dozens of different brands of camshafts over the years.

If you are building a performance engine and are looking for a camshaft option that best suits the build, contact us, and we can help you choose the cam that works!! 

Cat Camshafts

Cat Cams have a comprehensive range of applications for performance road and race engines.

There are many engines being modified of European and English orientation which companies like Cat Coms specialise in. To name a few of these engines Speedfactor have supplied cams for are 

BMW S14 M10 M20 M42 M50 M52 M43 S50B30 S50B32 S54

Audi 5 valve turbo

Ford Duratec Zetec and Pinto


Lancia and Fiat 

brian crower

Brian Crower has been a regular player in camshaft technology for many years. They offer a great range of performance camshafts for many Japanese engine applications. These cams feature some new core designs and have a reputation for reliability and repeatability. 

Check with us for pricing on these quality camshafts.

We carry a range of camshafts from Brian Crower

4G63 VR4 through to EVO 9 Mivec

Honda B series and Honda K series

Subaru EJ20 Version 5-9


We also carry valve springs and other timing components for selective engines

Check with us for you engine specific requirement