Fuel Pumps, Injectors & Fluid transfer hoses fuel and oil

Bosch Injectors & pumps
Bosch Injectors & Pumps

The ever popular Bosch 044 fuel pump is still one of the best value for money high volume fuel injection pumps available.

We supply these pumps with the AN threaded adaptors required to mount and connect to a screw togther fuel system. Available with -06 -08 -10 or -12 an adaptor for inlet. These pumps are $269 with an adaptors.

Also available the 070 with 1/2 inlet and 5/16 hose connections for outlet

This is an ideal pump for up to 400hp as an external high volume for $190 inc

Walbro Fuel Pumps
Walbro Fuel Pumps

Walbro External 500 HP fuel pump. An economical high rated external pump.  Compact size and has 3/8 hose tails for ease of flexible rubber fuel line attachments. Can easly be converted to screw on hose ends so the use of AN and braided hose can be used.

Goss fuel systems are a major supplier of fuel pumps hoses and vehicle electronics

We have fuel pumps and a comprehensive range of fuel delivery hoses in stock both low pressure and high pressure EFI 

Goss fuel pumps we carry are low pressure lift pumps and 265 ltr per hour Bosch 044 style with M12 and M18 fittings required. These make a great economical high volume pump at $199

This pump is also E85 compatible!!

Fuel hose, oil and fluid delivery hose

Speedfactor carries one of the largest automotive range of fluid transfer hoses in the BOP

Fuel delivery hoses we carry in stock are available in 6mm 8mm 10mm and 12.5mm

We have these available in the recommended automotive standards and in lower pressure delivery for carburetor applications though to 125psi capable EFi 

Leaded, unleaded and ethanol compatibility 



A common useful tuning product is the fuel pressure regulator. Optimizing pressure is usually simple and tuneable with an aftermarket regulator. We offer various types to get the maximum performance for your application.

The most popular on the market is the SARD Tomei style which have been common for a while and we have with 5/15 hose tails but easily converted to AN threaded fittings

Bigger power options and volume requirements we offer the Aeromotive regulators

These have -06 AN female threads and can be adapted to direct hose connections or to AN fittings