Competition Clutch

Speedfactor Ltd is appointed the official New Zealand distributor for Competition Clutch from the USA.

After having inconsistency with mismatched clutch components, we turned to a supply with a reputation for producing strong, race bred clutch kits to handle some of the more powerful road and race cars we are building here in NZ



The range of Competition Clutches we keep on the shelf mainly cover the stage 2,  4 and stage 5 kits and components.

These options are realistically the performance fast road, road race and then dedicated race.

Stage 2

Stage 2 – Brass + organic drive plate with heavy duty clutch cover, release bearing and alignment tool. Perfect for the modified street car and well up to light competition duties. These kits have a smooth transition and a slightly heavier pedal feel.

One major advantage of Competition clutch Brass + drive plates are the fact the lining is bonded and riveted which enables more aggressive down shifts. Many other brands of plates are just riveted and often have sections of lining disintegrate. 

These kits require a small run in period for optimum performance

Stage 4

Stage 4 - 6 button ceramic performance button plate with heavy duty clutch cover, release bearing and alignment tool. Perfect for high torque and horse power road and race cars. Ideally suited for turbocharged applications for road when there is a requirement for good drivability and work exceptionally well for daily driven big power applications, like Nissan RB's

Stage 5

Stage 5 – 4 button ceramic race plate with heavy duty cover, release bearing and alignment tool. Designed for the real racer, for fast shifting and maximizing the clamp load.

This clutch kit is designed as a fast road, tarmac rally and circuit racing.

The 4 button plate is much lighter than 5 and 6 button offer. It also offers best clamp load possible for the plate for supporting maximum torque and HP from a single plate design.

Lightweight Flywheels

We complement the Competition Clutch range, where we can with moly steel lightweight and ultra lightweight flywheels.


Competition clutches twin plates for high HP and torque applications are well received in both circuit, drift and drag. New to the New Zealand market but these kits are built with Competition Clutches reputation to maintain strength and reliability, whilst offering back up parts inventory unlike many other twin plate companies!

These kits offer large torque capability over single disc clutches, come complete with flywheel and bearing etc and at a very affordable price. Introductory prices $1990 inc

In stock for EVO 1-4 and EVO 5-9

Nissan SR20DET and RB25, 26 and 30DET push type


We keep popular models in stock of the stage 2, 4 and 5's and inventory growing with each order.


BMW 325 328 and E36 E46 M3 applications

Honda B series, F20C series, K series, H series and more

Mazda BP MX5 clutch and flywheels 13B and 13B turbo

Mitsubishi EVO’s 1-10

Nissan CA SR20 RB20 RB25 RB26 and RB30 push type

Subaru EJ20 22 and EJ25's


1J and 2J flywheel and clutch kits for push type W and R154 conversions