Performance Car Parts & Accessories

At Speedfactor, we have a huge inventory of Performance Car Parts.  We couldn't possibly list all of it but on this page we will try to list of some of the brands and products we offer. If you can't find what you are looking for then contact us as we may just have it on the shelf or can source it for you.




Filters & Air Intakes AFE K&N Simota

Simota Filters
Simota Filters

We carry Simota and K&N Filters is various heights and diameters. We have access to a huge range of all the options K&N offer plus a selection of  breather filters with 18-35mm neck diameters.




Pod filters with a range of inlet neck sizes.

63mm 2.5" 130mm and 180mm long

76mm 3" 130mm or 220mm long

89mm 3 1/2" 130mm long

102mm 4"  130mm or 220mm long

114mm 4 1/2" 130mm and 220mm long

127mm and 152mm 6" 150mm long


Epman fender & bumper washers

Available in Black, Gold, Silver and Neo Chrome

$15.50 inc GST each

Available in Black and Silver

Manol gasket maker / sealer

ELECTRIC FANS 10", 12", 14", 16"


Curved blade Electric fan, fitting kits also available.