Speedfactor Engine Building

Speedfactor Ltd has many years of combined experience in Engine internal design, preparation, and assembly. We offer specialist engine preparation including, all head and block machining and balancing, blue printing, boring & honing services, head and manifold modifications and porting, camshaft profile analysis, CC measuring and can offer a comprehensive range of Performance Components to help you choose the best combination for your engine build.


Building Performance & Race engines for your application

Our key engine preparation specialist has 30+ years experience with performance and race engines. We have prepped engines for Tarmac Rally, Circuit Racing, Drag Racing, Gravel Rally, Performance Road and Standard Road applications.

Not all components are created for the same task. Certain types of pistons, connecting rods and valve-train components are designed solely for racing. We offer a wide range of parts specifically for their intended use and can help you choose the correct parts to suit the level of performance you require.

There are often, and can be, major differences in designing race engines compared to performance road engines. We offer road and race forged pistons, unlike many companies who are one branded and simply don't understand piston and ring philosophy. 


We have a specialist in house engine preparation and assembly room and can cater for most engine applications.

If you have a special request or are interested in a performance built or race engine, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.